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Discover the World’s Best Art in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is noted for being a cultured city and as well as annually celebrating the performing arts every summer when the city becomes a stage for thousands of performers taking part in The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it also boasts a large number of museums and art galleries containing some of the world’s finest art pieces. The Edinburgh National Gallery on Princes Street is currently home to The Discovery of Spain exhibition, which runs until mid-October 2009. Assorted works painted by well-known Spanish artists and owned by British collectors will be on display including items by Picasso, Goya, El Greco and Velázquez. Timed to coincide with the 2009 Edinburgh Festival this spectacular collection is billed as the highlight of the National…

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Art Deco Rockefeller Center in New York

No visit to New York would be complete without a visit to Rockefeller Center. Located in midtown Manhattan at 50th Street, the complex spans 5th and 7th Avenues, is easily accessible from anywhere in the city and contains many more sights than the average New Yorker is aware! Rockefeller Center is synonymous with the notorious industrialist and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller who became America’s first billionaire. Built largely after the stock market crash of 1929, the project was the largest private building project ever undertaken during modern times and was finished in the art deco style of the times. Making up Rockefeller Center are Radio City Music Hall, The GE Building and many works of art. Radio City is of…

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Glance of Contemporary African Art

While many people are familiar with traditional African art, the world of contemporary African art is widely unrecognized. Part of the problem is the academic world’s fascination with the ancient, traditional forms of art, therefore making it difficult for modern artists’ to find a market for their work. When contemporary African art is noticed, those works tend to receive high praise and sell for high prices. Like any group of artists, African artists are diverse crowd that create visual art totally unique to their personal vision. Even with that understanding, there are a few common artistic themes that are prevalent in contemporary African art. The first popular theme among African artists is sculpture. Three dimensional works tend to be more…

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