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Web Art Academy Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the Web Art Academy?

The Web Art Academy is an online Fine Art Video Course that provides high-definition video lessons on traditional oil painting and drawing techniques. These lessons are skilfully prepared and presented by professional fine artists and fine art teachers.

What will I get as a member of the Web Art Academy Course?

In the Course, you will get 12 video lessons and additional bonuses videos, art albums, articles and 24+ Fine Art Books that you can read online or download to your computer.

All video lessons are streamed online and available for you at any time. As the Web Art Academy member, you have a lifetime access to all video lessons and bonus books you have paid for.

How much does the Web Art Academy Course membership cost?

For a very limited time, we are offering the Web Art Academy membership for a reduced price of only $97 per month. If you become a Course member at this near giveaway price, you lock in the price for the term of your membership. When the price goes up, you will not be affected as a current Course member.

The membership fee is charged on a monthly basis for the term of three months. After completing three months, Course members will enjoy FREE access to the Members’ Area and all the content and updates.

Can I purchase a Web Art Academy membership as a gift for my kids, spouse or friends?

Absolutely! The high-quality educational video lessons and bonuses are a great gift for the ones you love. When you purchase the membership for a relative or friend, please make sure to register an account in their name and let them know about it. You will be charged a membership fee for the duration of the course and your loved ones will be grateful to you for such a wonderful gift.

How long does the Web Art Academy membership last?

The Fine Art Video Course is delivered to you over a period of three months. To receive the entire course, you will make 3 recurring payments on a monthly basis.

What happens after the Web Art Academy term ends?

After completing the 3-month term, you will receive the Diploma of Excellence. You will also be granted FREE continuing access to your membership account with all the content you have already received. In addition, video lessons and books are constantly updated and new content is added to the Web Art Academy Course. You will enjoy all this content free of charge after you’ve completed the 3-month course.

Can I ask the Web Art Academy tutors my questions related to fine art privately?

Yes, you can. Please feel free to email info@webartacademy.com with your enquiries regarding your fine art progress and we will ensure all your questions are covered.

Are any workshops available in the Web Art Academy Course?

The Course holds online webinars that members can participate in FREE of charge. These interactive webinars can be viewed via a web browser in real time. We will notify all Course members when the next webinar is scheduled.

Can you advise me about additional resources to help promote my artistic name and art business?

The great book “Fine Art: Your Fame and Wealth. Who if not you?” written by Vladimir London and Sophie Golden will open your eyes to new possibilities of becoming a successful and wealthy fine artist. This book is available here.

You can also watch an in-depth video consultation Vladimir London gave to one London-based fine art gallery on how to promote their art business.

Is one-to-one teaching available in the Web Art Academy Course?

The Web Art Academy courses are designed to be a self-sufficient online educational resource. However, you may contact us with your inquiries at info@webartacademy.com and we will consider cases on an individual basis.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You can cancel your recurring payments at any time, thus cancelling your membership in the Web Art Academy.

You may keep all the bonuses you have received by the time of cancellation and continue to view the fine art video lessons you have already paid for. However, you will not have access to new video lessons.

Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the current membership price if you decide to re-join the Web Art Academy Course at a later date.

Can I re-join the Web Art Academy Course after cancellation?

Yes, you can. However, the price will go up soon and we cannot keep it frozen for you at today’s price should you decide to re-join in the future.

Can I take a break for a few months and come back to the Web Art Academy Course when I’m ready?

It’s easier to keep your membership open even if you would like to have a break for few months. In this way, when you come back to your Members’ area more videos and bonuses will be available for you straight away. You will also avoid paying the higher membership fee when the price goes up. There’s no expiration of your membership access even after the 3-month period, so you may take breaks and come back as you wish.

Is there any limit to Web Art Academy Course access?

You can enjoy your videos and bonuses by logging into the Course Members’ area as many times as you wish. However, the system monitors the number of IPs (number of computers with internet connection) you have used to login per day. There’s a limit to how many IP addresses you may login from. To avoid being denied access, please make sure you keep your login details secure so that no strangers can abuse your membership.

If you have a floating IP address please let us know by emailing support@webartacademy.com and we will take of your case on an individual basis.

Can I download video lessons?

You cannot download the Web Art Academy video lessons. This policy protects our copyrighted products distribution. Any violation of this policy will be prosecuted in accordance with international laws.

What if I have any technical problems?

We provide all necessary customer support. Simply drop us a line at support@webartacademy.com and we will be happy to help.

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  • Incredible discount – $3,287
  • Bonuses – Fine Art eBooks and Videos
  • Personal coaching by Web Art Academy Tutors
  • Web Art Academy Diploma of Excellence
  • Full membership after the 3rd month
Total cost: $291 (three $97 installments)

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  • Personal coaching by Web Art Academy Tutors
  • Web Art Academy Diploma of Excellence
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