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How to Paint

Watercolor Painting Techniques

Watercolor can add a lot of life to your work of art. With some helpful tips you can master and perfect the art of watercolor painting. Transparency is the most promising and the most attractive characteristic of watercolor. The watercolor feels like a sparkle of light which the color of the paper shines through the paint. The watercolor seems to blend with the color of the paper and it creates an illusion of transparency. Some tricks can best work and create the best illusion for your masterpiece. The watercolor trick that can make your painting lively. Lift paint is a trick that a watercolor paint can have. A wet tip can add light with your watercolor. While you are working…

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How to Use Airbrush Paints –

The airbrush paints available in the market today are non-toxic and water soluble. They are used in applications like temporary tattoos, automotive, modeling, fabric and by custom surfboard makers. They are available in craft shops, stationery shops as well as art stores. I find it very easy to use craft and textile paints and if you learn the basics, it becomes even easier. These paints come in two different colors i.e. the opaque and the transparent types. The opaque is usually referred as the base color, non transmitting or the impenetrable to sight. They have a higher amount of pigments and can clog your brush easily at the tip. Whereas the Transparent paints allow light to pass through it so…

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