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Top Tips for Beginner Artists

Having spent several years painting – and making just about every mistake possible – I wanted to compile a list of tips and tricks to help others enjoy painting as much as I do. So here it is! Most of these tips come from my own direct experience or from students I have worked with in the past. Certainly, there are enough tips out there to fill an entire book, but I wanted to focus on just those that are helpful for the real beginner. 1. Be Yourself What kind of an artist do you want to be? I encourage all my students to explore different techniques and various styles on their journey into art, but usually there are one…

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The Best Places to Hang your Art

You’ve finally bought some art pieces for your new home but are having difficulty deciding where to put them? The following pointers will give you some suggestions on the best places in your home to hang your art for great wall decor. 1. The Living Room Make sure the art piece is visible to people sitting in the living room. If possible, have the sofa set arranged to face the art piece such that each person seated will have a good view of it. A good place to hang the art could be above the fireplace. One large art piece hanging above the fireplace would really make a statement and draw attention. If you want your art piece to be…

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