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Young British Artists. Art Movements of 1990s

Young British Artists Young British Artists or YBAs (also referred to as Brit artists and Britart) is the name given to a group of conceptual artists, painters, sculptors and installation artists based in the United Kingdom, most (though not all) of whom attended Goldsmiths College in London. The term Young British Artists is derived from shows of that name staged at the Saatchi Gallery from 1992 onwards, which brought the artists to fame. It has become a historic term, as most of the YBAs are now in their forties. They are noted for “shock tactics”, use of throwaway materials and wild-living, and are (or were) associated with the Hoxton area of East London. They achieved considerable media coverage and dominated British art during the 1990s. Leading artists of the group…

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New! Contemporary Arts

This season get products made of art and craft materials that enhances the whole look of the office or home it dwells in. Imagine it’s the corporate gifting season & you get a choice to choose between a splendid crafted vase that will suit best in the corner of your cabin or common pen set box as a gift from your boss. Which one would you prefer? Though the answer is tough as individual taste cannot be defined, most of the time one would forget the practicality of the pen which will be applicable for use in the office and definitely go for the beautiful vase that will envy as well as attract the eyes of many entering the cabin….

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