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Art is like beeing in love

Art is like beeing in love

Feedback from Mercedesz Farkas

When I do something, I am really passionate about it. I like to create and learn new things but don’t have a creative career at the moment. I work in a hospital in an intensive care unit as a nursing assistant and am married with five children, two of whom have already moved out. Our family lives in an average sized Swedish town but we are originally from Hungary. Because of loving my own culture, language, literature and traditions I am able to do the same with others. It is inspiring to meet new people but I rarely take initiative to do it because of my shyness and introversion. On the other hand, I have a rich inner life and an analytical mind. My biggest interest is people: I am fascinated by the human body, the expressive faces and gestures, and understanding the interplay between body and soul. I like to have deep and long discussions with others. …

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