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Oil Painting Tips – How to Keep your Oil Colors Pure

One of the biggest hurdles for beginner oil painters is learning how to keep colors pure. How many times have you started an oil painting only to quit from frustration because things just didn’t look right. Your colors were muddy or they just lacked brilliance. This is a very common problem for artists just starting out with oil paints. Hopefully after reading this article, you will no longer have to put up with this frustration any longer and will finally be able to enjoy oil painting.BE CLEAN AND ORGANIZEDI know for some of us, it can be very difficult to maintain a clean and organized painting environment. Sometimes we can get very caught up in our work and things can…

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Vietnamese Fine Art

Vietnamese fine art in modern times presents a scene that is replete with many fine artists and countless admirers and enthusiasts. Vietnamese fine art has been shying away from the eyes of the world for many years. It is only recently that it has been emancipated from its erstwhile provincial existence. Vietnamese fine art is finally coming out of the closet to present itself in its full glory before a wider audience. The growth of interest and the rise in popular enthusiasm about Vietnamese fine art have been truly phenomenal in the past few years. The last decade, especially, has witnessed a dramatic growth in the number of people world-wide taking an enormous deal of interest in Vietnamese fine art….

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