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Abstract Art

How can something that represents nothing in particular be so eye-catching to look at? If you have once said, “That is easy to paint…who would pay that significant amount of money for something that doesn’t even relate to anything?” then chances are you do not appreciate what Abstract Art really is. When looking at Abstract Art, you are seeing the most freely formed type of artwork an artist can create. You would think that when looking at art that is non-representational, it would be less interesting to view as you do not know what the artist is truly trying to depict in his or her artwork. This is where the beauty of Abstract Art comes about. This type of art is meant to grab your attention and pull an emotional response right from within you. Once you see that part of the painting…the part that keeps you drawn in, keep your mind thinking, it is then when you know you are analyzing something special…something called Abstract Art. So what grabs your attention when seeing this particular piece of art? Well let’s think…what gets your attention in any circumstance? Why is a stop sign bright red? That’s right…Abstract Art, in most circumstances, is filled with colors of all sorts that are meant to turn heads. This characteristic, along with others such as the paintings texture and other elements, are what make this form of art one of the most popular styles collected today. The creativity involved with these pieces of art bring upon a new imagination that some viewers didn’t know existed within them. This art is from the heart and soul, instead of what you see is what you get. With that being said, you can now see that Abstract Art is more than just a thoughtless mess put on a canvas.

While viewing the work of a very talented artist, Osnat Tzadok, I came across a quote of hers that states… “Every time I pass near a blank canvas I feel something explode inside of me. It is not something I can explain or pass on to someone else…but it is, always, a beginning of a new creation”. This quote of Osnat’s perfectly portrays what we, the viewers, should feel when viewing an artist’s abstract creation. Just as an artist gets this “explosion” that Osnat speaks of, we receive the same feeling when looking at their piece if we truly appreciate Abstract Art. The beauty of non-representational art is that we can create the story within the painting. We can ask ourselves, “Why do these colors interact with each other?” or “What does this symbolize?”…. and with those questions our imagination brings about answers. Sure, representational art is still beautiful in its own way, but the artist already has revealed what they want you to see.

In conclusion, everything in life is going to have its pro’s and con’s, its likes and dislikes. Some people may love Abstract Art, while others may think of it as a talentless display of art. Its way of breaking away from the representation of physical objects is what makes it different than any other kind of artwork. In ways, it shows a different side of an artist…it shows emotions that come from inside that are shown using different colors and textures. Different shapes and forms. Abstract Art allows artists to let their creativity go free without having to worry about straight lines or perfect shapes. Their creativity allows them to take nothing and turn it into something. Not only something, but something that is pleasing to others which is a talent beyond itself

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