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Oil Paint is a medium which hardly has any near alternative. But while using these colours we face certain odds. Many artists find it difficult to cope up with the smell of turpentine.

Those artists who work at home face the smell as offensive to all other family members who live with the artist. While for the students who work in group at school or art classes have to arrange proper ventilations for eliminating the effects of the heavy odour the turpentine releases in the atmosphere.

The invention of paint like Van Gogh H2Oil is like a blessing to the artists who use oil paint. This water mixable colour is now available in market. H2Oil colour can be mixed with water and can be used easily as other oil paints.

The price of art material goes higher with the general prices of the other art materials and the consumer products. But the H2Oil paint is not priced abnormally. One can have it at any stores that deal in the art materials and would get it at a cheaper price.

No a day many well-known artists use this paint. This paint is available almost in every shade now in the market. The mixing white Titanium can give the required saturation in Van Gogh H2Oil. The artists can use this colours all types of surfaces like Canvass, board and other materials.

The Van Gogh H2Oil paint is very versatile one and would be getting more and more acceptability among the artists and the art lovers.

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