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Art Movements: Informatism

Information art

Kynaston McShine's "Information"

Information art (or ‘informatism’ ) is an emerging field of electronic art that synthesizes computer science, information technology, and more classical forms of art, including performance art, visual art, new media art and conceptual art. Information Art often includes interaction with computers that generate artistic content based on the processing of large amounts of data.

Informatism follows on the 1970 exhibition organized by Kynaston McShine called “Information”, held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City – a show that formally established conceptual art as a leading tendency in the United States. This tendency then spread widely throughout the world. Thisconceptual trend followed on the activities of Experiments in Art and Technology known as E.A.T.

Artistic practice

Information art data can be manifested using photographs, census data, micropayments, personal profiles and expressions, video clips, search engineresults, digital painting, network signals, and prose.

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