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Artists Are Masters of Divine Essence

As far back as recorded time, man has been leaving indelible marks of artistic expression. Prompted by and through an insatiable drive to communicate, man has left personalized lines, smidgens, carvings, paintings, and sculpted forms, designs/motifs, in caves, buildings, and canvases, as well as, beautifully inspired architecture for the entire world to behold and enjoy. These incomparable divinely inspired creations of ART generate a means of survival while he continues to search, seek, ponder and formulate the meaning of his life into some sort of workable reasonable fashion.

There is little doubt that cavemen, desired to communicate through their ART. It is also unlikely that they were prevented to express their creative visions by the caustic comments and negative remarks from their so-called knowledgeable peers. They were not fed the fuel of self-doubt according to what was acceptable. It was not implied to them that they didn’t measure up. The idea of whether they were a great artist never entered their minds. They simply carved out and drew what they wanted to say, no matter what that subject entailed. If they viewed animals as sacred or as a means of survival or as a depiction of gratitude to the gods, they stated the impression clearly without fear of being invalidated or with the need to be appreciated. They knew nothing of self-loathing and contempt regarding their ART. They produced it for its own relevance. We too, must find and rely upon that spark of artistic motivation. The relentless search to comprehend and relate various ART works throughout the cultures up until modern day is really an innate yearning to understand ourselves. Art clearly probes deep into the emotional heart, analyzing mind and spiritual barometer of the people behind the production.

We immediately realize that we, along with everything else we see, feel, hear or imagine that has ever existed or ever will exist are bound together in a unified reflected hologram. ART mystifies shocks, instills, reveal, penetrates, disgusts, puzzles, emancipates, reverberates, desecrates, delights, surprises, tortures and cleanses so thoroughly. A simple but concise truth can not be expressed in any other form. Artists seek to connect with that inexplicable light found deep within the dark agony of the ravished imperishable soul. “IT” will not turn us loose until “IT” has completely engulfed us with “IT’S” shadowy nebulous figures of form in illustrious line, color, shade, tint and texture. When we come to realize in full measure the radiant glory found in the dense, dull and mundane, the freedom expressed in the depressed, repressed and forlorn, the sanctity discovered through the ‘ordinary’, then and only then can we begin to embrace the fullness of who we really are and what we are meant to do while we inhabit the earth plane.

The world at large can be reduced to one solitary fact: in spite of all our apparent differences and difficulties, we are motivated by the light of needing to communicate and connect. ART bridges that gap of now and all that has ever evolved before or after. Crossing every barrier, we descend into the depths, scathing the pits of hell to ascend the heights of heavenly exaltation. We are all Masters of Divine Essence who have simply forgotten our artistic heritage. Our ancient roots will push the tree to blossom and die again and again and again. Relentless in its pursuit for us to convey that which we are so fearful of saying, that which embarrasses us, that which makes us feel insecure, guilty and ashamed. We, as Artists portray the indefinable GOD that resides in all creation through our art, we are pushed into the blind notches of self-denial where we no longer can be led by the nose into an anesthetized abyss but instead released forever from the silhouette of pretense. Through the means of artistic expression do we voluntarily jump deep into the land of the living realm of authenticity? (Whatever that means to the individual person) Nothing short of ART can accomplish this lofty goal; a goal so sublime that “IT” contains no lust of result except in the reward of simply being allowed the privilege to participate in producing it.

As humans tend to categorize things we compare one thing in relationship with another. We comment, argue; defend in an effort to convince ourselves and others we are ‘right’. We form opinions on which thing we perceive is better and then proceed to arrange in our mind certain assumptions that we declare as truth for ourselves. However, we tend to forget that these assumptions are relative and depend solely upon our self-projected aim in the matter of question at the time. In essence, we see what we want to see. Life is a continuous series of images most of which, we take for granted because we have become accustomed to them in our lives. We overlook the Artistic value of a simple toothbrush, an iron or rake. Yet, the fact remains that we are immersed in a world of ART, beautiful, incalculable immeasurable, life-sustaining ART. ART is a triangular by nature. As the Artist emerges into the creation, he is also subdued by it. The creation transforms the Artist’s inner vision while at the same time mesmerizing the observer. All three become one and the same time transcending all three entities to produce the inexpressible image formed. ART is true connection on the highest level. Through the ART one produces, not in what can be bestowed as the distinct ART form itself, but in the pulsating vibrating soul enriching specific passionate pulse lying behind the form, man is released from imposing general meanings.

The meaning we ascribe to certain ART depends on our particular ‘personality profile’, a profile that has been constructed throughout eons of time. Though we are innately divine by nature, we conduct our lives in such a way as to separate ourselves from the Divine found in the mundane, the ordinary. We tend to divide ART into categories deciding which is worthy and which is not. We set certain standards for valuable pieces while overlooking the plain artistic beauty that surrounds us as in a simple plastic laundry basket. Without proper gratitude coupled with “everyday living” (infused with heartache and struggle) man would never be fully cognizant of the fact that everything we see, feel, hear, taste, and touch is the Divine infused in mysterious splendor. We are so dependent on the ART that supports us. And, yet we are neglectful to apply sufficient gratitude for the small things. We forget to thank our coffee maker for our cup of coffee. These are the kinds of ART we may not even acknowledge as supremely important in our lives. When is the last time you picked up a pen and thanked it for delivering a written message for you? From the smallest quarks and strains that make up the ameba to the largest composite atoms comprising galaxies, the unimaginable incalculable ART infiltrates.

We, as Artists, are not satisfied to merely exist on earth. We want to grow, evolve, and expand beyond what others experience as boundaries. We want to expose truth, be it ever so indifferent, and touch the ecstasy of splendor locked in hidden mundane mystery surrounding us. We know it’s there. ART serves as the vehicle we can ride into that place marked “Enter at thy own risk”. If we must live, we desire to live to the fullest, in ecstasy. In ART, we live, breathe, move, and procreate blissful indescribable passion. ART in its most elaborate means or by its simplest grotesque form displays this vital truth.

We are forced to ponder the question: does culture influence the ART or is ART influenced by the culture? The creations of Artists are merely the outward manifestation of an inner realization. From Cavemen to the most technological advances in mankind, the sole purpose is to see God (any God) face to face.

Many factors filter into ART’S contribution to mankind. ART ‘takes on’ the temperature and environment of where it is produced and transported. The work itself becomes a polyglot of every aspect in culture that came before it. Master works are the children of thousand of years of diverse heritage. ART represents a basis for us to react with a grand display of emotions. From fear to outrage, pleasure to amusement we are either attracted or repelled by what we see. We can never fully envision or appreciate the extent of effort and energy that went into producing any ART. We are allowed to observe but the mere shell of the representation of something far more involved than first meets the eye.

What is it that we are actually observing? What is it about a certain work of ART that inspires, compels, repels or disturbs us? We are not only looking at the work, but behind the work into the God reflected in ourselves. We see what we are. We can do nothing else. Our eyes are colored and conditioned by the complications and contaminations of our own unique experiences, events, and relationships. ART is the conductor that either connects or disconnects. It matters not whether we like or dislike what we are observing. If we truly look further, deeper, wider and longer we will find what we are looking for: that part of ourselves that lies buried within waiting for expression. Mortals continually seek the answers to the most perplexing universal questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? These underlying questions refer to time both past, present and future, as well as, the nature of the human condition itself. Delving into the most disturbing parts of ourselves, we are better able to appreciate, relate and absorb the mysterious universe as it moves through us and our ART.

The hidden part of any work of ART is the part that connects us to us. That’s all that matters. To become so identified with the unified ‘whole’ as expressed in us and through us (as revealed through our distinct ART) defines all of humanity. During this solitary artistic walk, we often stumble, stagger, sway and succumb to unrelenting insecurities, latent anxieties, and countless self-debasing ego-ridden monsters. We instinctively feel, hear, and perceive the vision we wish to communicate but in the process of our trying to express it, often are ripped to shreds as we struggle to defeat the demon of self-doubt. Constantly on guard, we scrutinize ourselves to expose any false motive we may be hiding. Our world, whether viewed as chaotic or carefully ordered, has been dedicatedly interwoven into the impervious journey. Man, consciously or unconsciously deliberately sets about to communicate his inner need to connect through ART. If he is successful in his continued attempt to still himself long enough to create the vision, he will be liberated. ART enables him to relieve some of the forlorn restlessness he experiences deep within his soul. By embracing the artistic impetus, he is afforded the opportunity to study the most important subject in the world: Himself

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