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New! Paintings That Tell A Story

“When I think about making a painting, I’m also thinking about telling a story,” says Chicago artist  Onur Sksal. Young, dedicated, and prolific, Onur is proficient in landscape and still-life imagery, yet a large number of his creations are figurative. “I get a much greater emotional response from paintings that include people than from those that don’t,” he says simply. However, he feels that a painting does not have to be an obvious narrative in order to tell a story. * “Even a portrait can tell a story,” Onur explains. “In certain portraits–those by Nicolai Fechin, for instance–you can see a whole world in the person’s expression. The way the sitter is smiling or looks sad, the clothes the model…

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New! Find a Portrait Artist on the Internet

Find a portrait artist on the internet Portrait paintings are art forms which every art lover wants to own. But every artist cannot create portraits with the perfect look. Therefore, many a times, people are not satisfied with their portraits, when completed. To get the best portrait made, it is very important that you first find a portrait artist who can create your portrait in the best possible way. There are some artists who specialize in creating portrait paintings. No matter, whether you want live portraits or photo portraits, the portrait artists can create the best portraits for you. The portraits created by these artists contain elements which give them a real look and make them look different from the…

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New! How To Make Art School Work For You

When I was in school I had a graphic design professor – a very smart individual who graduated from Yale and whose expertise was fonts. I spent two hours a day for an entire semester building fonts with a pencil and a clipboard. As the professor did not know how to use a computer, he did not require any of his students to either. This class was boring, but what was worse is that it was completely useless. Rarely is a real company going to pay for a font. They are going to pay for business cards, logos, web sites, CDROMs and commercials but not a font. Many professors at prestigious schools with good reputations are relics of a past…

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Spotting The Best Place To Get Ideal Oil Paintings

The idea of decorating a home with paintings is not new. People have always been hanging different types of paintings to enhance the beauty of walls and rooms. Although there is a wide variety of decoration pieces that are now available for home decoration, there is nothing as sophisticated as a perfectly painted picture. And, things get even better if you opt for oil paintings. Like other paintings, the idea of using oil paintings for wall decoration is quite old, but things have now becomes much more sophisticated. In past, there were only few artists with only few outlets to provide people with a chance to buy an oil painting, but things are no longer the same. Now, it is…

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For Artists: Taking the Road of Fine Arts

A very broad word like Fine Arts would mean different things for different fields. For example, in arts it is defined as the creation of beautiful objects; artistic work that is meant to be appreciated for its own sake, rather than serve some useful function. In education fine arts would means as a college course in arts; a course of study designers to teach students practical artistic skills as well as the theory and history of art. Have you seen the difference of both definitions? Whatever the most appropriate denotation for this word is, it only proves that enough knowledge and learning is required to know more about of the things which are not that familiar to a person. Have…

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