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Discover the World’s Best Art in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is noted for being a cultured city and as well as annually celebrating the performing arts every summer when the city becomes a stage for thousands of performers taking part in The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it also boasts a large number of museums and art galleries containing some of the world’s finest art pieces. The Edinburgh National Gallery on Princes Street is currently home to The Discovery of Spain exhibition, which runs until mid-October 2009. Assorted works painted by well-known Spanish artists and owned by British collectors will be on display including items by Picasso, Goya, El Greco and Velázquez. Timed to coincide with the 2009 Edinburgh Festival this spectacular collection is billed as the highlight of the National Galleries of Scotland contribution to the event and can only be viewed in Edinburgh. Also on display in the exhibition will be works produced by noted British artists from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries including David Roberts, Arthur Melville and Sir David Wilkie. Their inspirational oils, watercolours and drawings were all influenced by a love of Spanish culture and complement the works on display from the famous Spanish artists. Other exhibitions in Edinburgh include the Artist Rooms running until early November at The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, featuring works from famous contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol and Ellen Gallagher. If you are interested in visiting the city to witness either of these unique art exhibitions first hand, bear in mind that Edinburgh hotels may well be busy because of the Festival, so secure your room as early as you can. For those who prefer performing arts then the city presents a fine selection courtesy of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which is packed with a varied selection of dance, music, theatre and comedy. Officially the largest arts festival in the world the Fringe is an annual event that takes place during the month of August. Incredibly popular it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and performers from all over the globe. During summer 2009 the Fringe will feature over 30,000 separate performances of 2,000 different shows in almost 250 venues! The beauty of the Fringe is that well-known established actors and comedians perform alongside up-and-coming amateurs, all adding to the sense of adventure and fun. In addition to the arts Edinburgh offers visitors a great deal more, including some terrific historic sites such as Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street, and The Royal Mile. It also boasts some of the best shopping north of London; the perfect destination for a cultured, relaxed and enjoyable weekend away.

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