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Career in Graphic Arts

Graphic arts refers to the artistic interpretation and creation of design through artistic expression. In other words, graphic art is the art of visualizing ideas. Graphic artists use their creativity and talent to design, display, advertise, package and promote. Graphic design is seen everywhere in the world around us – from books and magazines, food products, cars, household appliances, clothing, computers, and everything in between.

A graphic artist is also often referred to as a graphic designer. He or she uses a diverse range of media to create designs and visually convey a message or an idea to the public. Since the aim of a graphic designer is to enhance the image and saleability of a product, the work profile could encompass designs for websites, logos, stationery, print material, advertisements, films and videos, posters, brochures, and other promotional materials. Responsibilities could also include overseeing layouts during printing of magazines, books and newspapers, designing sets for theatre and film and even furniture design. Many graphic designers still use traditional tools such as pencil, ink and paper but more and more now rely on computer aided technology and the latest design software to enhance their work.

Graphic artists are required to hold a Graphic Arts degree or a diploma in Graphic Design, Visual Art or Commercial Art. In addition to this, hands-on experience is necessary along with a portfolio full of ideas and work. A graphic artist needs to be independent and self motivated and possess the imagination and creativity to deal with a range of subjects and products. A close attention to detail and an instinct for color, shape and form is essential. A good graphic artist would be one with an exposure to a wide range of media and communication techniques. He or she will be fluent in handling all sorts of tools, techniques, drawings and models. Graphic designers need to evaluate their customer’s needs and must be adept at all sorts of sales and marketing strategies. Therefore, a comprehensive knowledge of theory and methodology is required to excel in this type of career.

Today, good Graphic Design Programs mix creativity with technology and business skills. Course material should include (among others) – Web page design, Flash, Typography, JavaScript, Web Animation, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pre-press Operations, Internet Management, Marketing, Computer Fundamentals, and Desktop Publishing.

Graphic designers have the choice to work alone or as a part of a large design team. They could opt for consultancy services or freelance work if they do not want to be tied down to a particular design studio or advertising agency. Media opportunities for graphic artists could be found in print, packaging, movie, video, television or radio. Graphic artists can be employed by magazines or newspapers, books, advertising agencies and graphic design firms as well as non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, companies and for specific events.

A career in design could lead to various positions in the field of graphic arts such as Art director, Directors – state, motion picture, television, radio, Visual artists, Animators, Children book illustrators, Commercial and industrial designer, Fashion designer, Interior designer, Set designer, Painters and illustrators, Cartoonist, comic book artists, Camera operator, television, video or motion picture operators, Desktop publisher, Composing room supervisor and Online producer.

And as the years go by, jobs for graphic designers are only expected to rise and individuals with experience in animation and Web design will have the best opportunity to qualify for the newer job positions being created in the fields of technology. A career in graphic design is assuredly fast growing and one that is becoming more and more competitive with every passing day. People now recognize the earning potential of such a career and the flexibility and independence offered by the choices within this field. Whether you work full-time in a small studio or large agency or freelance full-time on your own terms, the bottom line is that graphic arts is a great choice for people who need to express themselves creatively and earn well at the same time.

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