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I have always been drawing

I have always been drawing

Feedback from Evelyn Espinoza

I have always been drawing. The desire to emulate what I see started with Disney. There was something incredibly pleasing and satisfying to copy the line of a fold in a dress, or tendril of hair. But, it was equally the most frustrating thing when my ability lacked, and my version was at best sub-par. So I practised and practised. I discovered a love for oils over acrylic or watercolor during high school. My grandfather was a painter, and I believe this was an influence on me.


I found great encouragement, direction and was pushed far during high school. Unfortunately, this did not continue through to university.

I have always loved the paintings that fill London Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery. I studied in England, and frequently visited Europe to see the art in their galleries. I have learned to appreciate more modern approaches to painting and drawing, but the epitome of light, color, composition satisfaction for me are in the paintings that fill the Louvre, and so many of Europe’s galleries. But my tutors pushed ideas, concept and theory over practical, traditional skills taught.

I completed my Bachelors without knowing what complimentary colors were, how to use my pencil as a measuring device when doing a life study. I left feeling failed and lacking, but with an expensive piece of paper. I was discouraged for several years after graduating to do any type of art, let alone pursuing a Masters.


I have picked up skills through independent learning: books, on line courses, videos, and practise. While I have certainly improved over the years, I need to push my skill with classical teaching. I want to be able to paint fabrics and feel the light sheen, hear the rustle, wait for the figure to exhale, experience the weight and tension of muscles moving.

I promote myself as a Fine Artist inspired by my travels, through use of Montage Photography, or painting digitally, painting, and drawing. I am commissioned for portraits from photo, which I greatly enjoy. But, often I get to the end of the portrait and desire a greater likeness of character. I see the mistakes afterwards, rather than catching them during the painting. I paint from life occasionally, but not as often as I ought for development.


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