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Is the real art going to disappear completely?

Is the real art going to disappear completely?

Feedback from Maddalena

I don’t like most of the contemporary art. I think the art of today is going to fade slowly till the point is going to disappear. I think that classical art shouldn’t be left to the past and substituted with the contemporary art, as it seems what is happening every day.


I like to paint classical portrait but I don’t have many basis I need to do so properly, I love the great masters of the past, I wonder myself what art is today and why can it be classified as so.

I study Fine Art at the university but everyday I find myself more and more angry and upset for how they define art, a bag of trash is seen like art now, and I find this unbelievable. My lectures don’t include history of art or any techniques explanation, they just talk about ‘trash’ called art in the contemporary world. I can’t accept this.

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