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Marine, Tattoo Artist and Painter

Marine, Tattoo Artist and Painter

Feedback from Jack Hendrix

For as long as I can remember I have had a pencil in my hand. I have always had this strong urge to create and its something that I cannot ignore. It’s always there in the back of my mind, some idea or subject just itching to be created, and it won’t stop until I get it out on paper or canvas.

I spent part of my childhood in a rural area of Oklahoma. There was no art teacher, art class or emphasis on art in school. I developed my drawing skills the only way I knew how. I would find a photo of something that would interest me and then copy it. I was also a big fan of comic books, so I learned from drawing them as well.


In 1996, after high school, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. The operation tempo did not leave me much time to draw. In fact I really didn’t draw much of anything for several years. I tried oil painting after I got married in 1999 and was frustrated with it. I had no idea what I was doing so I put the paint away.

Sometime around my 15th year in the Marine Corps I was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop. While at the shop I was introduced to color. I had never really used color before, everything I did was with a pencil or charcoal. I began to read as much as I could on color theory and its application.

Shortly there after, I decided to try my hand at painting again, and this time I would not give up until I figured it out. Without any formal training the progress was slow. My first few attempts were not very good but I was determined. I had a lot of time on my hands because I was also in the process of retiring from the Marine Corps. I used this time wisely and devoted all of my free time to developing my art.

I have been painting now for the last three years. I still have trouble with technique and application. I am happy enough with my skill level to start to sell my paintings, but I know I have so much more to learn. I know I have bad habits I’m just not sure what they are. I usually identify my bad habits when I read a book or watch a video. Once I discover one I adjust my technique and apply it to my next painting.

Over the years I have grown as an artist, but I am still not where I want to be. Being selected to be a part of this course would give me the much needed knowledge that I seek. This instruction will ease the struggle of my “trial and error” approach. I suspect it will be a though someone turned on a light in a dark room. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering me for this opportunity.


I think the “contemporary old master” is William-Adolphe Bouguereau. His images are timeless and thought provoking.

Frank Frazetta is my favorite non-comtemporary fine artist. I love how his paintings take the viewer to these fantastic worlds full of barbarians, powerful women and monsters.

My main challenges in art are composition and technique.


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  1. Deviljoe312 says:

    This man is very humble in the fact that he doesn’t give himself credit for exactly how great an artist he really is. Everything he touches with a brush turns to gold in my opinion.

  2. jdmedders says:

    I’ve been a fan of Jack’s work since he was making sketches in high school. When he moved to painting I knew it was going to be amazing. So far, it’s more than I ever imagined. I am immensely proud of him.

  3. matt says:

    Jack deserves something like this. He’s an artist with considerable skill and passion for drawing and painting. This would serve to add to his skill, and he would happily learn some new skills and techniques.

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