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New!Buying Cheap Art Supplies in Tough Economy

With high gas prices, the tough economy and the holiday shopping season upon us, more and more shoppers are turning to ways to save online. If you’re an artist, using the internet to shop for art supplies can be one way to save on the art supplies you need, spend quality time at home and learn new tips and techniques. For those who are new to art and painting, this is the perfect time to finally learn how to create paintings, draw using certain techniques and even set up your very own oil painters studio.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level artist, buying cheap art supplies online to create your masterpiece will save you time, hassle and the best one for last, save you money!!

When shopping online whether it is for electronics, clothes, shoes and art supplies buying from a reputable source is first and foremost above price. In recent studies, consumers have chosen online shops with reputation and great customer service over price (personally I do the same). It is just more comfortable knowing your order will be secure, the company will be there to support your purchase and the relationship with that online company will be a good one. For some that might not be the case, you might just be looking for that great deal and that is fine too but proceed with caution. Many online art supply stores offer great service and pricing so choosing the one that is right for you takes a little research and brand awareness.

Quick Tips on Buying Cheap (Discount) Art Supplies:

Research your supply list and make sure you find what fits your shopping needs. When buying art supplies, there are many different options, sizes, colors and brands. Depending on the type of work that you are doing and the level of experience you have in doing art, cheaper artist materials might be worth getting.

Look for company branding: There are thousands of online retailers that offer cheap art supplies. Stick with the ones who have been around the longest, are a great artists resource and supplier. Try out some of the exclusive brands made by the companies. Exclusive brands offer deeper discounts and maybe just what you need to get the job done cheaper.

Sales and discounts: Many if not all online retailers these days offer closeouts or sale items. Frequently visit the sites and look for the ones that fit your needs at that time. One way to stay up on the latest sales is to join up on the email programs. Receiving offers in email is way to focus on your life and get the deals sent directly to you. Some companies offer exclusive emails to those only signed up on the email list and this is a great way to save on what you need.

Research what others are saying: In the world of the internet we have readily at our fingertips information or should I say… information overload. If you are new to buying art supplies this may be more for you. Email the company with questions or just call the 800 number (I guess this is the only use of the 800 number now). This can save you time in researching it for yourself and getting answers to direct questions.

Free Shipping: All companies at some point offer free shipping. Consumers polled now expect free shipping with their online purchases. With that being said there is a catch. Most often you have to spend a certain amount. In making a purchase decision look for the free shipping “trigger price”. If you can plan ahead and stock up on the much needed and loved art supplies now than you can get free shipping. If not that is ok too, you will still get the supplies you need.

Coupon codes: Often check the websites for coupons. Most of the display coupon codes right there on the site for you to use and save instantly which is always a great thing.

Do not be afraid to shop online for cheap art supplies and most importantly look for what works best for you. Cheaper is not always better when you factor in the other variables such as customer service, security and privacy of your information, shipping and quality.

Happy shopping!

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