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Photography on Canvas – The Newest Contemporary Art!?

Experimental art forms are nothing new. Throughout the ages, anything that was introduced into society at that time was considered new and sometimes extraordinary, even offensive by a few. There always seems to be that critical minority that don’t want to jump on the bandwagon, that fail to see the importance of artistic development. Consider that, once upon a time, a decent woman did not gasp! pose nude for oil paintings or sculptures. Typically, nude paintings of women produced throughout the Renaissance era made use of prostitutes for models, since a self-respecting woman would never consider removing her clothing for such a vulgar display, a staggering irony considering that these originals are now valued in the millions of dollars.
Contemporary art, also known as modern art has long been a producer of such experimental and innovative displays. Names such as Van Gogh, Monet and Modigliani stand as a testament to the truly unique perspective in visual arts and what it means to both be an artist and to define art itself. That perhaps is the foundation of art. What defines art? By whose standards do we gauge a particular piece and declare it to be worthy of the name and worthy of a purchase for a private or public collection
After researching the art community it is easy to see that there is a new trend developing that very much includes digital art and as in the past artist are choosing the timeless qualities of canvas just as master painters have been for hundreds of years.
Consider some of the pieces that have caused quite a stir in modern times. Pablo Picasso’s first foray into the use of cubism, peculiar pieces of work presenting the human anatomy from several perspectives yet all of which are combined into one form caused a mixed reaction among critics. Like champagne, cubism is one of those things you either love or hate, there is simply no in between.
Oliver Payne and Nick Relph were innovate thinkers of the contemporary art world. They are called video artists and their work is featured in such galleries as The Institution of Contemporary Arts in London, England. Their progressive combination of modern technology including photography and videography in the production of modern art has earned the artists an eternal and well deserved niche in contemporary art culture.
The use of digital technology in art is now dominating art culture and has done so with the advent of digital computer animation in the way of such children’s productions as Pixar’s A Bug’s Life and The Lord of the Rings. A good decade and a half of digital technology in art has come to pass and the public and critical response has been entirely positive, a first in art history. Is it art? It is contemporary, sophisticated art that is unparalleled and doubtless will be for some time.

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