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Portrait Paintings of Oil Colors

Earlier when photography was not invented, portrait paintings of oil colors and sketches were the mediums used by people to get the images of their loved ones made and conserved for future generations. In fact, oil painting portraits were very popular and greatly in demand in earlier times.

After the invention of photography, portrait paintings of oil colors became very costly and could be afforded only by the well off people. They became a status symbol for many. Many famous oil painting portraits flooded the markets, but they could be bought home only by very few. Photography introduced a new form of art to people. But it could not take the place of oil paintings in the heart of people.

The popularity of portrait paintings specially grew in the European countries. Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, painted in the 1500s, became the most famous and demanded oil painting portrait. Some of the most famous oil paintings were created in the European countries during the 18th and 19th centuries by famous artists like Rembrandt and Gainsborough. Some of these beautiful oil painting portraits are preserved in the National Portrait Museum in Washington.

The portrait painting of oil color, created ages before, tell stories of that time. Each portrait, whether they portray an individual, a group of people or anything else, are beautifully created by artists which take people to another world.

The popularity and demand for oil painting portraits are on a rise even today. People are very eager to get the portraits of their loved ones made. People also commission a portrait from their favorite photographs.

Portrait paintings have become the best decorative pieces for decorating homes and offices. With time these portraits have proven that they are a valuable asset and no other art form can ever take their place.

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