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Finding Life Through The Art

The beauty of art transcends many things in our world. It makes a beautiful mind even more beautiful. It also is the balm that soothes all ailments. When you feel like you are having a great day, you ought to express yourself through art. And when you feel like the world is totally against you, the battle you face is all uphill, you should turn to art in those times as well. I once knew of a lady who had her whole life before her. She had just graduated high school and she had been selected by a top college in the country. She was enjoying a nice summer day out on the lake. They had a platform where she…

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How to Make Money With Arts & Crafts

As our economy continues to decline and rising unemployment rates continue to increase many Americans have been scrambling for alternatives to making some extra cash , but you are not alone! Many opportunists are well aware of your need and are quite willing to help you part with your hard earned money by offering over blown income claims. You can protect your self by just doing a little research and using a little common sense. Do you have a hobby? Most of us do! And if you are good at it, you can turn it into a money making opportunity! The Arts & Crafts industry contributes 10’s of billions of dollars to the U.S. economy every year and this may…

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The Big Question: Does Art Sell On The Internet?

If you are interested at all in art and photography, you will no doubt have noticed the huge number of impressive looking online galleries all over the internet. Judging by the numbers of signed up artists and photographers they seem extremely popular. But do these online galleries actually sell the work they display? Well yes, quite often. It is a fact that many artists do very well selling art and photography on the internet. However, as with any offline gallery, showing work simply provides the opportunity to be seen by a larger audience thereby increasing chances of making sales. That said, the internet is a gateway to a worldwide audience and by joining an online gallery an artist has the…

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