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How to Make Money With Arts & Crafts

As our economy continues to decline and rising unemployment rates continue to increase many Americans have been scrambling for alternatives to making some extra cash , but you are not alone! Many opportunists are well aware of your need and are quite willing to help you part with your hard earned money by offering over blown income claims.

You can protect your self by just doing a little research and using a little common sense.

Do you have a hobby? Most of us do! And if you are good at it, you can turn it into a money making opportunity! The Arts & Crafts industry contributes 10’s of billions of dollars to the U.S. economy every year and this may be your opportunity to grab a piece of the pie.

Let’s take Arts & Crafts as a fine example for making money! What I’m talking about is things you have made with your own hands using your imagination and skill.

When making money with Arts & Crafts you should consider a few things in your search such as what you are good at, what can you can do and what do you enjoy.

Everything sells and thousands of crafters and artist make a nice living doing what they enjoy. Artist and crafters all over the world sell candles, rugs, figures, pottery, quilts, photos, bird houses, soap and the list goes on and on.

So what can you make? I believe in doing what I say! So let me share with you a little story of how I make money with crafts. Now keep in mind I am in no way an artist or even a crafter!

I just know how to be creative and one day when I was at the Dollar store (You know everything for $1.00) I was looking at some little cowboy figures riding a horse about 8 inches tall. I talked to the lady at the counter and asked how many she had, she said she had 100 of them and after a little negotiation I got them for $0.72 cents each.

Now comes the creative stuff, on my way home I stopped off at a local saw mill and purchased some cedar log scraps and took them home. With a little sawing, sanding and some varnish I made 100 little wooden bases for my cowboys. After drying I epoxied my cowboys on their bases and hand signed each one with my name and date.

I had 8 sets of 12 different little cowboys along with a few duplicates and the following weekend I went to the flea market and set up shop. I sold my cowboys for $12.95 each and sold out that weekend.

I had about 20 Hours into this project, spent $72.00 on my cowboys, $18.00 on wood scrap, $15.00 in material and $35.00 for my space rent. My net profit for this project was $1,155.

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing on what you can do with Arts & Crafts.

You will find many of sources to sell your Arts & Crafts such as:

1. Online with Craigslist for free.

2. At flea markets.

3. Craft fairs.

To your success, Ozark Mike

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