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Please help me learn the Classic Techniques.

Please help me learn the Classic Techniques.

Feedback from Brad Grace

Greetings. My name is Brad Grace. I am a 45 year old creative professional who lives in the Portland Oregon area. I am a father of one 9 years old boy, and husband to a beautiful loving wife.

I’ve always loved art and creative endeavors. As a youth (in the 1980’s) I loved drawing. So much so that I filled out one of those “Learn to Draw” tests from “Art Instruction Schools” (an art correspondence school in the US) and mailed it in. One day a rep from AIS called, set up an appointment with my dad, and came by our house to talk. He was very impressed with my sketches but alas, we were a low income family and my father wasn’t willing to pay for the instruction. So I missed that opportunity because of financial limitations.

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