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Video Lesson: Graphite on Paper. How to draw a portrait.

This Video Lesson presents an example of making two drawings in which you will learn how to draw relying on unique lose strokes only. You will be able to create your drawings fast, freshly, impressive, emotionally fulfilled and reminding the etching effect. Such technique is great for both preparatory sketches and finished artworks. Video is based on two drawings made by Natalie Richy. Here is another good example of portrait drawing where you can achieve great results with a minimalist approach. This drawing is done in the same style as the previous one. Graphite drawing techniques are virtually endless. Any way that you choose to apply graphite to a surface will produce some sort of interesting result. To begin with,…

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Video Lesson: how to draw a portrait. How to create your drawings fast, impressive and reminding the etching effect.

In this video lesson you will discover how to create very effective artworks with minimal means. Good quality paper is essential for this kind of artwork. Ideally, paper should be strong enough to take a sharp graphite pencil and it should also be eraser resistant. You can search your art supplies shop for paper that is suitable for drawing, in the required size. Don’t be tempted to replace drawing paper with watercolour or sketching paper, even if you like the surface texture. Watercolour paper is not as resistant to a rubber eraser as smooth drawing paper is. We have chosen a 42x 59 cm sheet of paper for a reason. A portrait of the character with a face measuring 9…

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