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Video Lesson: How to draw with sanguine. Sanguine technique.

Part 2  The beginning of this article  The technique used is quite laborious, involving small circular or oval strokes with a sanguine pencil. If you have ever worked in lithography, you may notice that drawing with wax sanguine on the paper and using a lithography pencil on the lithography stone gives the same feeling of the surface. This is because the viscosity of pencils and the circular movements are similar, whether working in wax sanguine or doing lithography. The circular pencil movements are best suited for when the surface needs to be evenly filled in. The pressure of the sanguine pencil should be varied. The more gentle the pressure, the lighter the result. In the shadow places, more pressure should be applied. Layer…

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Video Lesson: drawing with sanguine. Sanguine technique.

Join the Club to view this Video Lesson » Part 1 This Video Lesson presents the drawing with sanguine. It demonstrates how to capture effects of light and shadow on a drawing of antique bas-relief sculpture. How to use sanguine and white chalk on toned paper. This exercise of sanguine drawingwill improve your drawing experience and skills of depicting 3-demensional objects on flat surface of toned paper. In this video we are going to make a study of a fragment of the Parthenon sculpture in sanguine technique. We begin with transferring the drawing outline and finish with the white chalk highlighting. For the Parthenon sculpture study we have chosen a good quality, unevenly tinted thick paper, which is very similar…

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Press Release: Brand-New Fine Art Video Lessons Resource Finally Available Online

Fine Art Video Lessons Finally Available Online A brand-new video course about classical oil painting and drawing techniques has been launched by the Web Art Academy. The Academy (http://art.webartacademy.com) offers fine art video lessons that reveal, step-by-step, the full process of artwork creation. Art students can now learn by watching the fine artist in action. London UK. A brand-new website offering high-quality fine art instruction has just been launched. The Web Art Academy (http://art.webartacademy.com) reveals traditional oil painting and drawing techniques to fine art students through the use of high-definition video lessons. The Web Art Academy was created to give fine art students a thorough instruction in the almost lost secrets of traditional oil painting and drawing. Natalie Richy and…

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