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Press Release: Brand-New Fine Art Video Lessons Resource Finally Available Online

Fine Art Video Lessons Finally Available Online


Web Art Academy: Fine Art Video Lessons

A brand-new video course about classical oil painting and drawing techniques has been launched by the Web Art Academy. The Academy (http://art.webartacademy.com) offers fine art video lessons that reveal, step-by-step, the full process of artwork creation. Art students can now learn by watching the fine artist in action.

London UK. A brand-new website offering high-quality fine art instruction has just been launched. The Web Art Academy (http://art.webartacademy.com) reveals traditional oil painting and drawing techniques to fine art students through the use of high-definition video lessons.


Web Art Academy Fine Art Video Lessons

The Web Art Academy was created to give fine art students a thorough instruction in the almost lost secrets of traditional oil painting and drawing. Natalie Richy and Vladimir London, founders of the Web Art Academy, explained why the site was needed: “There are many websites featuring works of art, art galleries and fine artists, but very few cater to fine art students and art enthusiasts who want to learn how to paint in oil and draw like the old masters. We searched through numerous art colleges and universities in the USA and Europe and were surprised to discover very few courses where students can learn from example by watching a professional fine artist create an artwork from beginning to end. That is why we created such a comprehensive educational resource. Now students can learn by watching full-length videos explaining how artworks are created in the style of the great painters of the past. We show every step of the painting and drawing process, producing the artworks right before the viewer’s eyes. In addition, we cover many other aspects of fine art education, all directed towards helping our students develop their creative talents based on a strong foundation of traditional art skills.”

Many websites talk about the creation of artworks. However, Richy and London point out that the Web Art Academy is the only place online where students can learn the almost forgotten skills of classical painting and drawing from a professional fine artist through videos of the artist at work. They developed this website so that anybody interested in practising oil painting and drawing can easily find out what they need to know, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

While a growing number of art students want to acquire excellent oil painting and drawing skills, and perhaps become successful fine artists, it’s harder than ever to get high-quality fine art education. Even at the top art universities, there are not many instructors who still teach traditional oil painting and drawing techniques through personal demonstration.

However, the video course from the Web Art Academy is available for everyone interested in improving their fine art skills. It offers truly remarkable content – 12 high-quality video lessons that are as good as sitting next to the fine artist in real life. Included in the course are 24 fine art books, which students can enjoy reading online or download to their computers.

A number of students have already given feedback on the website, commenting on how easy it is to use and how brilliant the video lessons are. The course is presented over a period of six months and can be taken from home on a flexible schedule. To learn more about one of the Internet’s top fine art educational websites, please visit the Web Art Academy at http://webartacademy.com.

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