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Press Release: Brand-New Fine Art Video Lessons Resource Finally Available Online

Fine Art Video Lessons Finally Available Online A brand-new video course about classical oil painting and drawing techniques has been launched by the Web Art Academy. The Academy (http://art.webartacademy.com) offers fine art video lessons that reveal, step-by-step, the full process of artwork creation. Art students can now learn by watching the fine artist in action. London UK. A brand-new website offering high-quality fine art instruction has just been launched. The Web Art Academy (http://art.webartacademy.com) reveals traditional oil painting and drawing techniques to fine art students through the use of high-definition video lessons. The Web Art Academy was created to give fine art students a thorough instruction in the almost lost secrets of traditional oil painting and drawing. Natalie Richy and…

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Landscape Paintings

The beauty of the heavens and the splendor of Mother Nature have found expression in art from time immemorial. The function of art has always been devoted to expressing beauty in all its diversity. No wonder, Aristotle described art as an imitation of life. Human beings take delight in the works of imitation (representation). This explains why man has always tried to represent whatever he sees around. The consequence of this human desire was the inception of landscape paintings- a genre as old as the first century A.D. Landscape art refers to the portrayal of scenic beauty of nature, with the sky and weather conditions taking a considerable area of the canvas. The word ‘landscape’ is of Dutch origin (‘landschap’…

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