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Oil Painting Lesson – Tips & Techniques

If you want to learn how to oil paint and not sure how to begin, then the following article will prove to be quite helpful in your pursuit to become a good painter.     Before you read on, you will have to try and forget everything you ever learned about oil painting and look at your painting from a new perspective. A recent art class I attended, taught by a master painter, has completely changed the way I approach oil painting and has opened up many new creative doors for me. I hope it will do the same for you.START WITH A CONCEPT Up until just recently, I was a very frustrated oil painter. I have 10 or so…

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Paint And Draw – For Beginners

So you have decided that you want to paint and draw. Maybe you are the sort of person that really enjoyed art at school though you discovered you were not one of the few that it came to naturally. Are someone who is retired and has had a set of watercolors sitting on top of your desk or on a shelf for years. Maybe you are someone who aspires to have a go at some kind drawing and painting however you have no real idea in your mind of where or how to begin, and maybe you have had a bad experience with your art back in school and you think there is no hope now! A lot people think…

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How to Get Started in Oil Painting

One of the more frequently asked questions from beginners in oil painting is: How do I get Started? To get started in oil painting is relatively easy. There are some basic supplies that you will need and some basic guidelines to follow. This article will discuss how beginners can get started with oil painting. This article will not teach you how to become a good painter however. In fact, no one can make you a good painter. You can only be taught certain things and it is up to you to take what you have learned and apply it. Many beginners who are new to the oil painting medium, generally have the same questions. So let’s cover those questions now…

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