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Archive for September, 2011

Fine Artist Studio. Rembrandt’s Studio

        The former residence of Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn has been restored to its former glory; the way it was when Rembrandt lived here in the 17th century. Everything’s there: his studio, his living quarters and his art. You’ll most definitely be surprised by his curiosity cabinet.     When Rembrandt filed bankruptcy in 1656 an…

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The Rembrandt Palette

    The Rembrandt Palette   Rembrandt created his portraits with a small palette of colours dominated by dark earth tones and golden highlights.       Remember the number of pigments available to the 17th century artist were miniscule when compared to those available to the modern artist. Rembrandt was unusual in that he used around hundred, but less than…

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Palettes of Famous Artists. Art materials.

    Palettes of Famous Artists.   Gauguin believed in: “Pure colour! Everything must be sacrificed to it.” Yet, overall, his tones were muted, and quite close together.     Marion-Boddy Evans draws our attention to a portable palette found in his painting studio after he died, from which it would appear Gauguin didn’t lay out his colours in any…

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Palettes of Famous Painters

    Palettes of Famous Painters   Of Gustave Moreau, the art critic Charles Blanc, whose writings (still essential reading) and triangle based colour-system are considered the most influential texts on colour theory, wrote in Le Temps, 1881: “One would have to coin a word for the occasion if one wished to characterise the talent of Gustave Moreau, the word…

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