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Airbrush Paints

An Airbrush has become the most important choice for many people who have taken painting as a hobby. It can be used effectively to paint walls, furniture, nails, t-shirts, models made of plastic among many other items. You will find that airbrush paints come in a wide collection of colors that a good painter can make use of. Its quite easy to learn the art of airbrushing but the learning process can be made more pleasurable and simpler by the use of the right materials.Airbrush paints are generally classified into two categories i.e. it can either be opaque or transparent. The transparent colors are easier to use since they are thinner than the opaque ones and do not clog the airbrush. But then during the process of learning airbrushing, you should be able to use any color.Its important to note that the transparent colors allow the light to pass through so the bodies are seen easily. These colors mix much easier to create a new color combination. As you may well know, the primary colors are red, yellow and blue while secondary colors are Green, orange and purple. Yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green and yellow-green are tertiary colors. These colors are found by mixing primary and secondary colors. Artists and scientists have developed and continue to develop thousands of combination since the three colors were first detected.Water colors are considered to be the best airbrush paints, the most commonly used paints are acrylics, gouache, sign paints and oil paints as well as water colors. I use gouache since its a water based color and i can add a white pigment when i need to make it opaque. Its a bit hard to use it and most people would rather use water colors. As i conclude, it would be imperative to mention here that it takes longer to dry oil paints that it would take to dry water colors.

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