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Art industry has seen a lot of growth and upward boom in the recent times. More and more people are expressing interest in Modern Art, and are willing to spend handsomely on it. India, being a traditional and cultural country, has lot of traditional art work to boast off. Many tourists from other countries visit the country in order to take some of such artifacts to their native places.

Art supplies contribute a lot to the Indian economy. The country makes a lot of revenue from art supplies and exports. Indian art supplies are in major demand worldwide. Each art work produced in India shows off its unique design and creativity.

Apart from Art, Indian architecture also has a lot to boast off. The ancient as well as the modern Architecture is among the best in the world.

Indian architects, House designers are recognized all over the world for their works, and are in much demand. Famous Indian artists like M.F. Hussein and other sell like hotcakes in the international market and their paintings frequently fetch more than one crore per painting.

Architecture, if looked upon in general, is a rapidly growing field which offers a lot of fame and money. But like an ancient saying “Even a pro needs his tools”, an architect, no matter how good, is useless without his kit. He needs the right kind of art supplies kike pastels, oils, colors, brushes, frames etc.

An architect’s kit comprises simple tools from drawing pencil, drawing board or architect board, drafting table, to complex machines like architectural drafting machine, rubber chair feet, and Light drawing machine.

All these tools are as important as the skill itself. A portable drafting table or a light drafting table is the one which can be carried by the architect to the work site. Hence it is also important if one needs to draft rough sketch or to convert a superb design in the memory to a sketch.

Drafting tables, since being expensive, can be bought second hand. Those who are students in the architecture field should preferably buy used drafting tables.

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