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Art opens your heart

Art opens your heart

Feedback from Simona Tiron

Hi. My name is Simona Tiron and I want to develop Oil painting.

For 20 years I worked and I made a career in economic and financial field in Romania. Six years ago my life was changed totally because I decided to dedicate entirely to my hobby which is philosophy, psychology and anthropology. As a teacher of philosophy I lived almost 5 years in Moscow where I discovered oil painting. I discovered later the school of oil painting and I participated in only 6 classes because I had to go to another country with my profession. I can say that I fall in love with oil painting and in the 6 courses that I participated I did five paintings.


I continued to learn to paint from the Internet with extraordinary Russian teachers and I copied paintings that I liked. I understood that copying other painters I train my hand to listen my mind. Now I am living in Mexico continuing to teach philosophy and to paint.


I considered that art was invented to bring beauty in this world, in our life and to help us to connect with our inner worlds, with our soul. When I am speaking about art I am referring to the art of beauty ; the objective art- that art that can transmit a message by itself, and the message put you to reflect; that art that makes you, even it is for a few seconds, to stop thinking, to be present here and now.

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I want to win this concurs because I want to learn to express myself in oil painting.
People should vote me because I can make a difference

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  1. Katya says:

    Simona, good luck with the contest, your paintings are absolutely gorgeous, I wish to be able to paint like that one day

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