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Follow your dream!

Follow your dream!

Feedback from Ogniana Vakavlieva

I’m 44 years old. Art is very important in my life.

My first Higher education was in Economics, but 20 years ago I started to paint on silk. Then I studied Decorative painting in Barcelona and started work in a studio.

Then I decided to leave the Economic field and dedicate myself fully to art. It was a difficult decision to leave everything including my work which helps you earn many. I started investigate My INNER SELF.


This is what Art gives me – I better understand myself, life and the people I love. In my 42 I decide to apply at the National Academy of Art in Sofia. And I did it. I’m in third course now studying Design in Porcelain and Glass. But I search for more stimulation to draw and paint.

I’m mostly create artworks in porcelain and totally miss drawing and painting. Having a course in Web Art Academy will help me learn new methods and approaches in these areas and will help me mobilise myself.

Few months ago I made my art studio at home. My daughter is 15 years old and she told me – “Mammy, I’m proud of you that you follow your dream!”


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