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How To Draw Nude Female, From Back Side

Drawing a nude woman has been a favourite subject for most of the figurative painters. Pencil drawing is the basic source. Taking the help of this source, an artist would build a painting. The final painting can be in water colour or in oil. In present time even the acrylic paintings have got good recognition.

The Posture: while drawing a nude female, an artist can request the model woman to sit in a specific posture or get her into bed. Every artist would try showing the beauty of a female body from front side, as that would make the drawing more aesthetic and sensual. Though sensual would be the curves of a nude lady, her mood could be settled in modesty. While drawing such a portrait the pose should be artistic in all respect.

In the female pencil drawings, the experienced artist would depict the light falling on her subtle and soft body. The shading work done at the hands and below the head should be extremely precise and skilful. That would give a realistic appearance to the whole drawing

Anatomy: The most important factor to be kept in mind is the anatomy. You as an artist should take care about the anatomy of a woman who owns a symmetrical physical appearance. Keeping careful look at the shading and lining work done at the thighs of woman would make the drawing well-grounded. If one leg is aesthetically put on another, that could make the drawing extra sensual. Such a position of thighs and legs could create a sense of good proportion and feeling of ease. Moreover the viewers would respond to such an artwork with more curiosity.

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