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How to Draw the Perfect Eyes

Drawing eyes, can be the hardest part for an artist, when trying to capture the realism of the face. Whether it is a pet, a wild animal, a bird, or a human, its all in the eyes.

The eyes are called the “window to the soul” by many people, and when you are able to catch an emotion on paper, then you have succeeded in bringing your piece to life.

You have to break the eye down into little pieces and then work on them one by one and build it up in layers, starting with a rough background and then building up the layers.

This can be hard to achieve from books, or pattern instructions, actually some artists will do detailed paint by number kits, to get some ideas of building and drawing the perfect eye. As many paint by number kits are done from photographs.

Another way, is to watch someone else draw or paint the perfect eye. You learn from them, and then practice, and you will then begin to form your own ways of drawing and painting, just like you have with the rest of your piece.

This is a great idea, if you have the time and money to take lessons, and one on one lessons like that, can cost you quite a bit of money, if you go to a talented artist.

If like me, you will tend to paint landscapes, or distant people or crowds, to avoid having to do a close-up of a detailed face, but once you get it figured out, and practice you will love drawing eyes.

Another way, is to watch a video, this is a great idea, because you can watch it over and over and learn the tricks of drawing the perfect eyes…. how to draw the perfect eyes

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