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I need to acquire the skills to immortalize my art

I need to acquire the skills to immortalize my art

Feedback from Junior Shelver

I’m 65 years old now. I spent a lifetime as a passionate artist. Sadly I started focusing on commercial art, illustration and cartooning and never got into fine art as I chased after a dream of making a good income.

I love the warmth and feel of painting and would love to paint and make a success of it.

So, currently I sit in my studio in from of my Wacom tablet creating educational books, charts and other related stuff and simply cannot escape for the following reason.

5 years ago, whilst working as an art director in Saudi Arabia, I had to end my contract and return home to support my daughter-in-law as she struggled with terminal cancer. I had to set up this venture just to support myself and am moderately successful. But something is missing in my creative life.

I need to acquire the skills in painting and immortalize my art this way. I have all the basic anatomy knowledge but so want to paint on canvas.

I have been following the Web Art Academy course and am feeling that stirring to diversify into this field…..

Vote for me because I need this!!


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