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I want to devote my whole life to painting

I want to devote my whole life to painting

Feedback from Katerina Bukuros

Good day!

My name Katerina. I am from Ukraine.


I want to devote my whole life to painting. I’m 28 years old. I have been engaging in drawing 6 years. Now, I’m looking for a way to improve my drawing and painting skills. In my country, I could not find the proper art tuition, but I am inspired by your courses.


I paint intuitively, as I do not have required knowledge in academic drawing. Without that knowledge it’s difficult to depict people properly.

I hope that I will get a chance to study in the Web Art academy to improve my painting skills.
Thank you!


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  1. Vladimir Chekrygin says:

    Your works are great! Wish you to win this competition and study in the Web Art Academy.
    P.S. Thank you from Ukrainian Sevastopol)

  2. Roman Cherkas says:

    Your works are great. I hope your dreems come true and in future we’ll your works in the bigest galeries all ovet the world. Good lack

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