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It is never to late to learn

It is never to late to learn

Feedback from Catherine Roper

I am 42 years old and began drawing in April 2015.

I have been steadily progressing in my art. I am into painting and am looking to increase in knowledge and ability in painting, specifically oil painting. I am taking some private lessons, but still feel very challenged to understand oil painting. I get easily frustrated with painting in oils.


I want to learn to paint, well. I want to have a greater understanding of oil painting and its processes.
I want to win the web art academy course, because I am aware of the quality of the program. I am a member of the drawing academy, which has greatly helped me in my drawing and laying this foundation to better paintings.

People should vote for me because I have a great desire to learn everything I can about art. Oil painting is a next step for me in increasing my knowledge and abilities in all art. Thank you.

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