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Let’s close the circle!

Let’s close the circle!

Feedback from Craig Lafferty

I studied art and graphic design 30 years ago before switching to medicine. It was actually the art that lead to a love for science and medicine. This began while researching images for an intaglio class. (These images can be seen on my site at rakedlight.com) I was so fascinated with the process of how cells and “living-connected-parts” worked, that eventually a career in science and medicine evolved.


I am now completing a full circle return to art which was initiated by my teaching anatomy & physiology at Arkansas State University.

Currently I am exploring materials and techniques in encaustic and cold wax, but it is my love for classic styles of drawing and painting that remain true after many years.

I consider the images on my website to be experimental studies in technique more than anything. The imagery is landscape based because the techniques lend themselves to this genre. I am now beginning the return back to figurative work and the Web Art Academy is perfectly suited to help me this.

My goal is to blend some of these “newer” techniques with classical methods of painting.


Winning the Web Art Academy course will give me a didactic structure that I need to take my early skills and broaden them. Above all, I’m looking for honest critique if I am to grow at all and achieve my goals.

Why people should vote for me? I teach entry level college students and non-traditional students anatomy. Lately, I have had labs where I have students use basic drawing techniques (gesture & contour) to truly engage the anatomical figure. Giving the experience of art and visualization back to students is a key element in my personal goals. I hope to show them the connection of art and science.
Thank you for your consideration in completing this circuitous journey!


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