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Lifelong struggling to be an artist…won’t ever quit trying…will die still trying…!

Lifelong struggling to be an artist…won’t ever quit trying…will die still trying…!

Feedback from Paul Ramnora

Name: Paul Ramnora. Age: 53. Location: London/UK(born/brought up/still living…never been abroad, yet).

I liked art from ever since youngest childhood. In particular, I remember reading fairy tale stories/and, seeing these tales being quite brilliantly illustrated; and, then, thinking to myself…I ‘wish’ I could write/draw/paint like that. In other words, for me it was never enough to observe art from the outside…; but, instead, I wished to become an insider artist myself, as well.


Certainly, as I’ve gradually grown far older…absolutely none of my former desire has changed. I cannot see myself as doing a normal 9 to 5 job; I was born with an ‘artistic temperament’ and, will do absolute loads when feeling truly ‘inspired’ enough…working non-stop 24 hours per day; but, then, when not feeling ‘inspired’…then I tend to feel really bored, and, quit.

The major difficulty I have with learning art; indeed, learning anything…is I suffer from ADD/Attention Deficit Disorder. So, I’ve gone and brought, quite literally, 100 art teach yourself books…and, frankly, I’ve completed reading none of those books (just merely glimpse through them, from time to time). The same thing holds true whenever I attempt to study anything seriously…computer programming/keep fit/martial arts…very quickly and easily my attention tends to completely wonder off.

I would like to learn how to do art professionally; including master such things as bones/muscles/skin; proportions, perspective, light/shade, tones, how to mix colours effectively; how to design well: background/middle ground/foreground/-etc.

I would love to win the Web Art Academy course; because I tend to find it much easier to learn by watching videos; than, through having to read books. I also believe that at Web Art Academy the teaching can be most effective; as I’ve gone over to YouTube and seen some of their introductory teaching videos there.

I think people should vote for me…because I honestly believe I do have the potential to be a very good artist…if not become a truly great one; but, I have to find the learning style which truly works for me.


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  1. Zoe says:

    Hi Paul, I know what you mean, videos can help a lot when sometimes instructions in books particularly on academic art technique can be a bit dry. Sounds like Web Art Academy would be good for you.

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