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What Makes a Good Pencil Sketch Drawing Tutorial?

You see, all good pencil sketch tutorials should contain two very important criteria. The first criteria that a good drawing tutorial should fulfill is that it has to be written by an artist. If it’s a pencil sketch tutorial, it’s best that a pencil artist writes the tutorial.

That’s because only the artists themselves have a true understanding of the problems and challenges of pencil sketching. And those are exactly the same problems that you’re facing, and now you’re hoping that someone has found the solutions to those problems and can help you with them.

The second criteria of a good drawing tutorial is that the tutorial should be written by someone who knows how to communicate and train effectively. Training effectively means having the ability to identify key problem areas and putting the solution across to the reader in an easy to understand manner.

Of course, that’s over simplifying the job of the trainer. An excellent trainer knows how to clarify the problems, open up the reader, and inject humor when necessary so that by the end of the tutorial, the reader not just understand the tutorial, but knows how to go about solving his or her own problems.

Now that’s easy to say in words. In reality, not many art trainers are highly competent. That’s why we so often hear art students complaining about how they’re not receiving enough instructions from their art teachers. I’m sure their art teachers are more than qualified to teach their students. After all, they all have strong port folios to show that they have the skills and ability to draw and paint exceedingly well. That’s why they’re given the job. So what went wrong?

First, we have to understand that not all excellent artists are excellent trainers. They may have the best drawing skills in the world but when it comes to training, many artists lack the appropriate exposure. So they ramble on and on, thinking that they’re teaching, but in fact, they’re just rambling.

Once you understand this, you’ll be able to tell the better teachers apart from the good ones (there are no bad teachers by the way). You can use the very same information to help you filter out the better pencil sketch tutorials from the good ones. Consciously choose to read or listen to someone with both the art skills, and the ability to train. That’s where you’ll find all the best pencil sketch drawing tutorials.

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