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Press Release: New Website Reveals Almost Forgotten Techniques of Classical Oil Painting and Drawing

Classical Oil Painting and Drawing Techniques


Classical Oil Painting Drawing Techniques

A new Internet-based resource about classical oil painting and drawing techniques has just been released by the Web Art Academy. The Academy (http://art.webartacademy.com) presents fine art video lessons for art students and enthusiasts wishing to improve their creative skills.

Web-art-academy-Classical Oil Painting and Drawing Techniques

Classical Oil Painting and Drawing Techniques

London, UK. A new website specifically created for the fine art education market has just been launched after more than two years of course development and preparation. The Web Art Academy (http://art.webartacademy.com) is designed to help people easily acquire excellent oil painting and drawing skills and improve their chances of becoming successful and famous fine artists.

Natalie Richy and Vladimir London, founders of the Web Art Academy, established the online club to provide students from all over the world with high-quality fine art educational resources. Richy and London explained why it was needed: “There are lots of websites about fine art, but very few are targeted to the average person on the street, someone who wishes to improve his or her fine art skills and has a limited budget and limited time to do so. We know it’s not easy to find a brilliant art teacher who is proficient in a variety of painting methods and the old masters’ painting techniques. Even teachers in the top art schools are not able to personally demonstrate the key secrets to the ultimate art of painting and drawing. We didn’t find any good resources online where art students can learn by watching a teacher create the artwork in real life. That is why we developed such a comprehensive resource that covers in depth the skills of classical oil painting and drawing. Our online course features video lessons that reveal the whole process of oil painting, step-by-step, from the beginning to the end.”

Natalie Richy and Vladimir London created this website so that anybody interested in classical oil painting and drawing techniques can easily find out what they need to know, with just a few clicks of their mouse. The Web Art Academy’s video course is presented over a period of six months, during which time students will discover the almost lost secrets of classical oil painting. The educational process is very flexible and easy to follow. Students learn by watching actual professional fine artists create paintings and drawings, showing and explaining every step in detail. Such an “archaic” way of instruction is almost non-existent at contemporary art education institutions, where teachers practise an “express yourself” teaching approach, neglecting to deliver a deep foundation of traditional painting and drawing skill sets.

As more online resources on the topic of fine art become available, it becomes harder for students to find the essential elements of this broad subject. The Web Art Academy website is the one-stop destination for anyone wishing to learn classical oil painting and drawing techniques. By using this site, artists can immediately get a handle on what they need to know to master the great skills of the old masters.

The students who used the site prior to the launch commented on how useful the video lessons were and how easy it was to follow the course content. The website has all of the relevant information in one place without compromising quality. To find out more about one of the Internet’s top fine art websites, please visit http://webartacademy.com.

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