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Possibly one of the best places to meet renowned artists is the art gallery. Many exclusive works of both unsung and celebrated artists are displayed to the public in these art galleries. Various forms of art are displayed in an art gallery such as sculpture, handloom, photographs, illustrations etc. Besides these art forms it also hosts poetry and music. People from far and near are attracted to this venue to share their interest regarding art. Usually, art gallery is interpreted as a space where artists can display their work. The art gallery significantly acts as a platform for artists where they can showcase their work along with promoting art. The art galleries can be distinguished as public and private. The public art galleries are run by government funds and display only selected collection of art. Contemporary art gallery also known as private galleries carry the objective of commercial enterprise for the sale of art. Vanity gallery is another art gallery that levies fees from artists in order to display their work. Among the various art forms the mostly displayed medium of art is painting. The art galleries also act as a spring board. To inspire the young artists’ showdowns are held in these galleries in which scholarships and other worthy awards are bestowed. Art lovers from local vicinity or offshore reach to these venues to experience and evaluate the dexterity of artists. Schools and colleges also pay a yearly visit to these places to learn about art. The practice of displaying art has undergone a tremendous change. Taking the help of technology artists can upload the images of their work and distribute it among their friends through emails and e-cards. However, art galleries provide the best platform to artists in exhibiting their work. Artists and art lovers rush to this place to share their common interest and preserve art.

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