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How To Draw The Human Figure

When an artist comes to drawing a human figure the challenge they comes across is to try and see the whole figure as it’s own shape. This is because our experience from looking at our bodies in the past tells us that the human figure is made up of various parts, we need to scrap this thinking and start looking at the whole body as one form.For example we might enjoy taking the time to draw the eyes of a subject, but we might not be so interested in drawing the hair of the subject. If we choose to draw in this fashion the end result will not look congruent because parts of the picture will be delivered with less effort. So, how do we get away from this drawing style?What you need to do is treat your subject like they are made up of various forms and forget that they are a living and breathing person. When you take this step back from your subject and look at it in this light, it will be really surprising how much less importance you place on the individual details. This will make your drawings more congruent.You are just getting started so do not worry too much about getting your drawing perfect, they might not look like the subject at this stage but with some practice you will start to get the hang of it and develop your own style in the way you work. If you have redrawn your sketch of form so many times that you are unable to see what the drawing is anymore, that is ok. It is much better to learn this way rather than producing a drawing that was sketched once but has been poorly observed and is out of proportion.What really matters is what YOU learn as you attempt more drawings, if you take this one bit of knowledge from this article then you will develop as an artist more quickly and build up a portfolio of great drawings in no time.To get better at drawing the form of a figure it is good practice to set yourself a short time frame to draw the figure quickly. It is recommended by teachers of art to make rapid drawings with a short time limit. Set yourself a limit of 15 minutes, 10 minutes and even 5 minutes for each sketch. Concentrate on getting the form of the subject.When you begin drawing you should look for a overall shape that will contain most of your subject. For example your subject might make the form of a square so draw a square or a rectangle that will fit around your subject. Doing this will make it much easier for you to fill in the form of the subject. After exploring the main shape of your subject you will find you have made it much easier for yourself to draw the figure while not paying too much attention to the individual parts of the subject.

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