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Starting a New Chapter

Starting a New Chapter

Feedback from Tess

I am a single mom and grandma. I work with families in crisis and art is a way of finding peace.

I did not go to college until my children where starting kindergarten. I was able to take some classes in college but kids and job had to come first. So doing art kept getting pushed back.

My only options was to start teaching my kids what I knew so I could continue doing pastels (I think my 6 and 7 year olds were the only little guys that knew what a kneed eraser and pastels were.) They can share information about Rubens and his brush strokes. (they share those with their kids when they go to the art museum) I am lucky the city I live in has several venues of all types of fantastic art, it is inspiring, beautiful and amazing.


I love sharing art with my kids and grand kids. I enjoy promoting art with my grandchildren the way I did with my kids, hands on, looking, thinking sharing opinion’s, thoughts. For me art is meditation, healing, and joy. It is the exquisite delight when you have completed a piece of work better than the last.

What do I want to learn – everything I can and apply it as well as I can. I need to learn how to paint, mix the color, shading, shaping, brining images to life. I see examples of students of the Drawling Academy and I am moved by their art work. I would like the opportunity to try and be as good.

Why do I want to win? I am beginning a new chapter of my life and I want to have some awesome art works by me in that chapter.

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