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What is an artist

What is an artist

Feedback from Zvi Orenstein

I’m an artist, I know you probably think everyone claims they are artists, but I am truly an artist. And then you ask, how I know this to be true.
First of all I was drawing since I was 4 years old. I still remember the first picture my neighbour instructed me on. I dream of art, I live art.

I became a jewellery designer using watercolour and acrylic; now I’m moving into fine art in oil. I make magic with watercolour, and my clients used the images of my design to sell their jewellery rather than use photos.


Art is my life. Whenever I focus on an object or a person I try to imagine how best I can use it in a drawing or painting.

My challenges is to paint as the masters did. A painting is more than an image. A great painting is more than colour on a canvas, it convoys a story. The technique used by the masters is almost all but forgotten, and I wish to show the advantage of their technique in the creation of a painting.

What do I want to learn in art?
Since I never had formal training in art, I need to better grasp at areas that I never had the opportunity to do.

Why do I want to win the Web Art Academy course?
Due to my age I don’t think I am candidate for art school, so this format is best for my situation.

Why people should vote for me?
People should vote for me because with the little training that I had, I have accomplished so much. So imagine if I had a full training what I can create, and bring beauty to the world.

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