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Web Art Academy review by Sonal Rai

Web Art Academy review by Sonal Rai

Web Art Academy course is very efficient and well crafted

Before the Web Art Academy course I was a self-taught artist. Since my childhood , I had a great passion for art and I always followed my passion and worked on my skills. I always loved to create distinguishing artistic works but as I worked on them I realised that art was an important part of my life and I wanted my passion to be pursued as my career. And the Web Art Academy was a good start for me. I really wanted to learn the historic artistic values and the old masters techniques to know the inward significance of art.

The Web Art Academy course is a full package to have all the glimpse of old masters artistic techniques. The course helped me to learn the origin of art and such artistic techniques which are just awesome, I actually din’t had so much knowledge about those techniques.I feel this course helped me to make the basics of my art grow more stronger. The course helped me to know the importance of various aspects like light and darkness which is really needed to provide a living portray to art. …

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