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To My Dream

To My Dream

Feedback from Simon Pulo

I am almost 39 years old. Have been working in the IT area for more than 15 years and what I love most in the IT world is graphic design, web design, and mostly digital painting. It inspires me due to the fact that I love art a lot.


I have discovered that I know how to draw when I was 12 years old. I never took lessons to advance but I always felt that art is part of who I am. Presently I am trying to study human anatomy to enable me to draw human figures in any positions. We all know that human figure is one of the most hard to accomplish. I want to study it because I would like to use it in my drawings such as comics or digital painting.

But apart from human anatomy study I love art in general and I want to advance as an artist mostly in pencil and mixed media drawings such as pen and ink wash. I also love watercolors and pencil colors.

I consider myself to be a creative person, so I am willing to learn anything as long as the result is creative.


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