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Science and Art: A new love story

Science and Art: A new love story

Feedback from Ayman Ahmed

I have left art for more than 23 years since 1992 when I was so busy with the scientific research in the Faculty of Science, to get the B. Sc. in Geology, M. Sc., Ph. D. degrees, the post-doctoral research and to get the Scientific Titles of “Associate Professor” and “Professor” in the field of “Hydrogeology” in September 2015.


Yes, I have left it for all of these years but I didn’t forget it as it was imprinted in my heart and deep soul. From time to time, I looked at it with sadness and heartbreak for my life and responsibilities didn’t allow me to touch it despite my love and passion.


I didn’t have the ability to forget it forever as it was running in my blood and I have kept thinking of it, and I always thought that I would return back to it sometime in the future.

Now I am back to it again, I returned back to it with great eagerness and sincerity, notwithstanding the very long time staying away from it. However, I have made a deal with it not conflict with or negatively impact my scientific career, and to just take few hours from my time at the quiet of the night.


I am back to my brushes and colors, I am back to my studio, I am back to my favorite hobby that I have loved since childhood, I am back to “Oil Painting”.


I started painting after this long time and posted few of my paintings on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/drayman.ahmed

So, I hope to find a support from the Web Art Academy, taking courses to be a professional artist

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  1. hichemDZ says:

    Art and science. To those who practice neither, they seem like polar opposites, one data-driven, the other driven by emotion. One dominated by technical introverts, the other by expressive eccentrics, the two meet in your character great man Professor Ayman Ahmed

  2. ramadhan says:

    Professor Ayman Ahmed, as a “Professor” in the field of “Hydro geology” he do very the integration between Geology as his scientific specialist and the art as one his hobbies, they reflect his deep imperative in this way he got the inspired and ideas from his art which affects significantly in his scientific direction.

  3. D.r lutfi almomani says:

    So wonderful that scientists practicing their artistic talents,, so the art of his paintings will be completely different, different ideas .. with that art remains art. Wonderful and excellent work

  4. Mostafa.redwan says:

    ‘Earth Sciences Art’. In my opinion art is a way to express geology. Since old times many artists use geology to express their arts. I think the mutual interaction of painting as a hobby from childhood and geology as a scientific work with Prof.Ayman Ahmed gave him a strong basis and support for his imagination to produce a very wonderful and notable artworks.

  5. RadwanF says:

    Ayman is a wonderful person, sensitive and has a deep love for arts. He is very natural and would love to see him get more technical skills of painting.

  6. maysanabeh says:

    A new love story is a wonderful name for combining Science and Art so the art from prof.
    like Dr. Ayman will be different

  7. Yahia says:

    I went to science school with you for 4 years and this is my first time to know about your talent! I wish we were not that far apart as my eldest daughter would have loved to have play dates with you 🙂 She’s going on the same track as you did, and as a concerned parent I am trying to direct her to focus on her maths and reading. I am not sure I am doing the right thing.

    Good luck with reviving your talent. Maybe in the future we’ll meet in your gallery. I loved your work and am looking forward to see more.

    Best of luck

  8. Ramy Mohamed says:

    Prof. Dr. Ayman you are amazing in both science and art I loved all your work, indeed wonderful paintings, I wish you further progress and prosperity

  9. Dr Elashmawy Abdelkareem says:

    Prof. Dr. Ayman you are amazing in both science and art really I loved all your art works, indeed wonderful paintings, I wish you further progress
    all respect
    your friend
    Dr elashmawy abdelkareem

  10. W.T. Anan says:

    my best wishes for you prof\ Ayman
    go ahead , and some day you will achieve all you want inshaa Allah , because whatever you want in your life , you want it because you love it and it will make you feel good.
    every decision you make in your life is based on how you feel.
    draw with love draw with your entire feelings draw for your self , your friends , to everyone who love and appreciate “oil painting”

  11. Abdullah Fares says:

    Prof. Dr Ayman is a wonderful in geology science and art, i wish for you more success in your next works, i am proud to deal with respectable person like Prof. Ayman.

  12. elashmawyabdelkareem says:

    Prof. Dr. Ayman you are amazing in both science and art I loved all your work, indeed wonderful paintings, I wish you further progress and prosperity
    your friend Dr Elashmawy

  13. eman gaffer says:

    Very cool our teacher Mr. Consistency is the most beautiful colors and the beauty of nature Glory Creator God help you always and we are pleased with this beautiful art

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