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Weekend Project – Creating a Colorful Canvas Painting

Our need to express ourselves is as old as man’s history. From the earliest known cave paintings to the most modern abstract canvas paintings of a growing number of expressionist painters, the fascination for this particular art form has proven how much we crave the opportunity to find a creative outlet. While most of us are not professional artists, we can still indulge in this activity and have fun while doing it. It may seem that you have to master a number of bewildering concepts in order to create a painting, but in truth, what you really need is just the right kind of supplies, patience, and of course, inspiration.

If you have got no major activity penciled in for the weekend, why don’t you stay at home and try out this fun and relaxing project that you can accomplish easily and be truly proud of. Here are the four basic steps that you must follow to create abstract canvas art in no time.

Creating a Design/Layout- First of all, you need to visualize what kind of painting you would like to try for your first project. If you have no previous experience, it is a good idea to start on basic still life or abstract expressionist paintings. Both styles allow you to create paintings without having to understand complex theories. In coming up with a design or layout, especially if you prefer a more colorful painting, consider factors such as contrast, harmony, and hue. You may also want to decide if you want a monochromatic or polychromatic painting. Don’t be intimidated by these terms, a quick scan of any art textbook should help you understand these.

Buying the Supplies – For the project, you will need a canvas (buy more if you want to practice). The cotton duck variant is typically used for acrylic painting. You also need brushes, acrylic paints, Gesso, pencils, palette, and palette paper. Although you don’t have to buy these, prepare containers for cleaning the brushes with oil cleaner or water depending on which type of paint you are using. A rag is also handy for wiping wet brushes and accidental spills.

Preparing the Materials- Before you proceed with painting, you need to prepare all the materials and ensure that you have everything lined up in your work area. Then, you need to prime the canvas with Gesso to make it relatively smooth. Next, lightly sketch your design on the canvas using a pencil. Squeeze out the paint on the palette and mix if necessary. Now you are ready to paint.

Painting- If you plan to create an abstract canvas painting, remember that the object need not look like any other object we see around us. In fact, the reason why painting an abstract painting is easier is because it has a freer form. As you paint, pay attention to things like whether your paint needs to be diluted further or whether the color scheme is pleasant to the eyes.

Through these four easy steps, you will be able to spend a productive weekend and create a work of art at the same time. Good luck!

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